Asya Chi's


Asya’s story started in 1994 during the war in Grozny, Russia. Bombs dropped daily, she lost loved ones including her brother and best friends. Living in fear most of her teenage years due to terrible early childhood experiences, she was forced to face her darkest fears and come to peace with them.

Author. Speaker. Coach.

At 21, she was diagnosed with cancer and told she would have two weeks to live.

Not believing in the doctor’s prognosis, she studied the internal functioning of the human body, transformed her lifestyle, became aware of every thought and emotion, and transmuted the war-related stresses that burdened her mind into powerful healing. As a result, Asya successfully healed herself. This experience was one of the greatest gifts that led to finding her life mission, which means that she dedicated her life to serving humanity by sharing her knowledge and experiences.
Her approach is based not only on her studies, clinical research, and her own health experiences but also on over 25 years of experience in successfully coaching her clients with various health problems.

In 2015, Asya was diagnosed with Lyme disease...

And managed to cure about 80% of her symptoms within the first three months and the last 20% within the next two years.

Despite living with this terrible disease, she continued to work hard and was dedicated to her audience. But something bigger was calling her so she decided to integrate her groundbreaking discoveries from being sick with cancer and Lyme disease into one powerful concept. In 2018, she took a step back to take care of her three daughters and herself full-time and spent two years writing a book about her discoveries. She believes her message can heal millions.

What I Do.

I'm a Holistic Health Therapist, nutrition expert, scientist in preventive health, author, and speaker. I have created a series of experiences and tools you can utilize to heal yourself, accelerate your weight loss, and become the most powerful version of yourself.