This post is meant to provide you with tools that will enable you to activate and maintain the self-healing capacity of your body in a short time. If your body is then attacked by the virus, it will be in a state of readiness and can optimally protect itself and fight the virus effectively.

The feared coronavirus is reaching more and more countries, cities and villages, and can affect anyone today. The number of corona infections is growing explosively. The media has paid a lot of attention to what you can do to protect yourself as well as possible against the infection, such as washing your hands, but most people still don't know what to do if they are infected with the virus, to help their bodies fight the virus and recover quickly.

We are being bombarded with reports about the virus, which sparks a lot of fear worldwide. Virologists, however, say that it is not much more than a normal flu virus. For people who have poor health (especially a very weakened immune system) or have a serious illness, any new infection can be a threat. But if you are healthy and are in strong physical condition, you will experience the disease no different than the flu. But the question is, how do you know how healthy you are now? An absence of complaints is not always a sign that your body is in top condition on the inside. Degenerative processes in the body can be latent for years before the first symptoms appear. Consider, for example, the condition of your blood and lymphatic vessels that play a very important role in the activities of your immune system when it starts to destroy the invading virus and protect your body against damage. It is therefore important, regardless of whether you have complaints or not, to take good care of your body and not wait until you have symptoms or are sick.

Before I start giving you tips for optimally protecting your health, I want to briefly explain in simple human language how it works in the body. If you understand the process, you know very clearly what your goal is and you are motivated to get started. For example, if a person has active cancer cells or an active infection in the body, such as pneumonia, his or her immune system is busy tackling and fighting that infection or those abnormal, aggressive cells. If the coronavirus invades the body of such a person, the immune system must divide its focus. Your immune system is a kind of army that protects your body against all kinds of dangerous invaders. If, after coronavirus infection, a part of the army has to stop its activities to fight the existing infections or cancer cells and to mobilize all its forces to protect the body against the virus attack, the cancer cells and all other sources of infection in the body are given room to spread further through the body, causing damage to it. If a person who has a major infection or cancer dies after being infected with the coronavirus, then the coronavirus was the last straw, but definitely not the main cause. Then the virus only weakened the ability of the immune system and distracted it from being busy with the already-present problem.

If a house is on fire, it is easier to extinguish the fire if it spreads through one room. If the fire rages through all the rooms at the same time, there is a good chance that the fire will cause great damage to the house or cause the house to burn out completely. It becomes much worse if the house is made of wood and there are many things in the house that are susceptible to fire. If you project this simple example onto a human body, you see about the same thing. If your body is weakened and therefore prone to infections in general and you also eat and live unhealthily, which means that many toxic substances are constantly present in your body, your immune system becomes extremely overloaded and you become susceptible to any infection. This can be fatal for some people. Toxic substances are regarded by the immune system as foreign substances. They distract your immune system from its primary tasks, which are to protect your body against the pathogenic invaders and to fight invasive cells.

Now it should be clear that the main goal during this global epidemic is to boost your immune system before you get the virus. You prepare your immune system optimally in case of infection with the virus. Even if you have already become ill, it is still useful to support your immune system by all possible means in its attempts to destroy the virus. Then you can be confident that your body will recover quickly without consequences. 

In this post I will focus on powerful tips that will help protect and build your immune system. You will probably be surprised that I don't immediately start with nutrition tips. This is because there are other factors that are more urgent. I do this consciously because after years of clinical research into the behavior of pathogenic microorganisms in the body of people who live unhealthily, and after 25 years of guiding people with various health problems, I have found that many people who do their utmost to eat healthily think that this is sufficient to protect their bodies against diseases. Eating healthy is without a doubt very important to stay healthy. However, there are other things that make a huge contribution and are essential to building a solid foundation for good health. That means you will never have to fear a virus attack or other illness because you can trust your body to be able to destroy it. So let's first discuss these important issues and their physiological effects on the body, because many people overlook them.

The first step: release the fear
Where does the fear come from?

Fear usually comes from a feeling of ignorance, powerlessness and uncertainty about what can happen. Uncertainty is a phenomenon that we deal with every day, consciously or unconsciously. If we are able to see that the only certainty in life is that one day we will leave our physical body, then we will never have to place value on certainty anymore and we will be able to accept the permanent presence of uncertainty in our lives without fear and contradiction. If we go out the door and get in the car, we have no certainty that we will return home unharmed. In this way we can deal with other things in life by not paying much attention to it.
Powerlessness in this case is the result of ignorance. If you understand how your body works on the inside, and how you can optimize its functioning, you can let go of the fear.
If you remain dependent throughout your life on someone else (doctors or therapists) to make you better, because you don't know what you can do to get better, the fear, on an unconscious level, will keep you imprisoned for life and continue to control your life. To experience true freedom in your life, it is necessary to let go of your fears and discover the power within yourself. You can do that by gaining knowledge about how you can optimally take care of your body and applying it structurally.

Now let's see what fear does to our bodies.

Anxiety paralyzes your body and mind, so you can no longer use your physical and mental abilities to solve the problems in your body in a natural way. If you are attacked by anxiety due to the coronavirus, the stress level in your body increases dramatically. Often you are not even aware of that stress because fear keeps you paralyzed. If you have health problems, it is very understandable that you worry; that's very human. In this case you have even more reasons to let go of fear so that your body can be active and unhindered in protecting you against the virus. 

What does fear do to the physiological processes in your body?

You probably know that the adrenaline and cortisol levels in your body increase considerably during stress. If this happens for a short time, nothing is wrong. It is healthy and normal to experience anxiety when you cross the road and see a car approaching you at an enormous speed. You startle and your body responds as it should respond; you run to save your life. But if you are held in fear for a long period of time during a virus epidemic, and your fight and flight mechanism stays on, high adrenaline and cortisol levels disrupt all vital processes in your body. 

Your digestive system will then no longer be able to digest your food optimally, no matter how healthily you try to eat, your excretory organs will no longer be able to optimally process the waste, so that many toxic waste will remain in your body and be stored in your tissues and organs, and your immune system can no longer optimally protect against the virus because, among other things, signal transmission from your brain is disrupted. 

The hunger and satiety center in your body that regulates your feeling of hunger and satiety is also disturbed, which increases the chance that you will eat unhealthily and too much. This has a negative effect on your immune system, so you quickly end up in a vicious circle and your body's capacities deteriorate even more. The first and most important step is therefore to let go of the fear and to focus on strengthening your immune system. 

How do you release the fear?

It is of course not a one-two-three task for your body to eliminate the fear. It is a process. Since I am only discussing the fear of the virus in this post, it is easier to tackle and eliminate this fear quickly. The practical lifestyle and nutrition tips later in this post will give you more confidence in the power of your body. To actually experience this power, it is of course necessary to convert the knowledge into action. Once you act, the fear will slowly disappear and there will be room for continuous improvements in your health.

Develop positive emotions

Positive emotions, such as an emotion of love, gratitude, kindness, tolerance and joy, have a very positive influence on your immune system and all biochemical processes in your body at the cell level. Focus as much as possible on these emotions to develop them well and to take root in your mind. You will then automatically notice that there is less and less room left for negative emotions, such as an emotion of anger, disappointment, incomprehension, resentment and jealousy. 

Positive emotions give you energy and life force that your body can use to protect or restore itself, while negative emotions rob you of energy and life force and open all the doors for the pathogenic microorganisms that can make you sick.

Avoid stress

Stress disrupts the natural, self-regulating and self-healing abilities of your body. In the long run, if stress lasts longer or keeps coming back, the physical response to stress can take a heavy toll on your immune system. Therefore, try to avoid stress situations. Don't argue. If you don't like someone, let it go and don't think about that person; shift your focus to something else.

It's time to turn inside. If you continue to concern yourself with other people and their behavior, you will be constantly stimulated by irritations, expectations and disappointments that will maintain your stress level. It is now time to deal with yourself and your own behavior. If you succeed, you will soon experience how your health and your life change positively. 

Ensure a good night's sleep

A night’s rest is indispensable to keep your immune system strong. During sleep, your body and mind perform the necessary cleaning and repair work. 

If you can remember your last cold or flu, you may remember that such an infectious disease made you tired and sleepy. Cytokines, hormones of the immune system that the body secretes in large quantities during the infection, are powerful causative agents of sleep. They force your body to be economical with your energy and other resources that your immune system needs to attack the virus. 

That is why it is advisable to not only get enough sleep and go to bed early during the period that you are already infected with the virus and you are sick, but also to start well in advance. If you are struggling with sleeping problems, make sure you eat early, for example at 6 p.m. (afterwards nothing more, just water and herbal teas) and take a hot bath or an extra hot shower before sleeping. A meditation period or breathing exercise before going to sleep can also help.

Take enough time for relaxation

Relaxation is essential to keep adrenaline and cortisol levels in your body at a healthy level. This ensures that all vital processes in your body go undisturbed. These vital processes indirectly strengthen your immune system because they support the functioning of your immune system. Relaxation also immediately strengthens your immune system and helps your body to limit the spread of the virus throughout your body. 

One of the best forms of relaxation is meditation. If you have never meditated, you can learn that. You really experience the power of meditation only when you do it daily, and not only when your body forces you to use meditation as a last resort against stress. 

Move a lot

Exercise saturates your blood with oxygen and speeds up your circulation. Oxygen-rich blood is not attractive for pathogenic microorganisms and an accelerated blood circulation ensures a better transport of immune cells, oxygen and nutrients through your body. Toxic substances and waste are also disposed of more efficiently; the rapid elimination of neurotoxins produced by viruses is especially important. Even if you have a virus but are fever-free, I advise you not to stay in bed for long. If you feel weak, walk around your house and sit or lie down if it gets too much, but keep moving regularly.

Do not mute the fever and do not use painkillers

Your body raises a fever for a reason. With a high fever (38-40°C or 100.4-104 F) your body can fight the infection much more effectively. Moreover, viruses do not survive these high body temperatures. Also, painkillers are an extra burden on your immune system. If you are in pain, for example if you have a headache, try to endure without painkillers. Make sure you drink enough water, preferably hot water. 

Avoid the cold

Viruses need cold and dry air to survive longer outside the body. At low humidity and temperature, they can spread more easily. Moreover, the resistance of your mucous membranes in the nose is reduced when you breathe in cold air. And at higher temperatures, viruses die faster. Therefore, try to avoid the cold when possible.

Take a hot bath or shower daily

A hot bath and a hot shower heat your body, ensure the effective elimination of toxic substances that are a major burden on your immune system and relax your body, effectively tackling the virus.

Drink hot water

Hot water helps destroy the virus. Drink a cup of hot water regularly every day. The water should of course not be so hot that you burn your tongue, but just hot enough that you can barely drink it.

By contrast, avoid cold drinks. If you like it, at least try to forget about it during the virus spread period.

Drink powerful herbal teas for more resistance

Hot pure herbal teas double the powerful effect of hot water. For example, think of fresh ginger tea, thyme tea and nettle tea. 

Do not eat cold dishes

Everything that is cold helps the virus to keep itself strong and spread throughout your body. Therefore, avoid all cold dishes such as ice cream and cold smoothies during this period. Smoothies are healthy but if you order them somewhere, they are usually served cold.

Make sure you get a lot of vitamin C from natural sources

  • Drink a large glass of lemon water several times a day and eat a lot of lemons. You can eat organic lemons with the skin on. Cut the lemon into thin slices and eat them with pure honey if you find them too acidic.
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, such as kiwi, oranges, mandarins, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, kale, parsley, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, tomatoes, bok choy, coriander and dill.

Keep your pantry stocked

Make sure that you have enough products in stock at home that strengthen your immune system, such as lemons, ginger, thyme, garlic, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Avoid products that weaken your body

The following products (the list is not complete, but these are the most important products) have a negative impact on your immune system. They deplete your body's reserves and weaken your resistance. Avoid them as much as possible.

  • Refined sugars and all products to which these sugars have been added
  • Additives and all products to which they have been added
  • Processed meat products such as ham, bacon, salami, sausages, corned beef and jerky
  • Soft drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Animal milk
  • Fast food
  • Fried food
  • Pickled (preserved) food
  • White flour products (in my next post I will explain why this is)

I will ensure that I keep this post up to date. This means that I will add any new tips that I have forgotten to mention or write a new post if the topic requires more attention.

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