"I’ve lost 73 pounds, got rid of my medication and I am literally never tired again!"

On January 24, Anne started her challenge with the aim of improving her health, gaining more energy and losing weight. Read in this testimonial all the updates on Anne's progress, with the latest update at the bottom.


In 9 weeks, I lost 22 pounds and got rid of my medication for high blood pressure!Lovely people! 10 weeks ago, I moved puffing and panting, without any form of energy and far too heavily to my own apartment on the first floor! Fortunately, I had a lot of help, on my own I didn't get far. The lightest boxes were for me! Now after 9 weeks busy with Asya’s online program and 22 pounds lighter, I can say that my life is already changing completely! As happy as a child that I had won the prize to be coached by Asya, I started the healthy lifestyle method with enthusiastic and warm guidance from Asya! Everything I eat according to this method is delicious, of course I still love food. I haven't been hungry for even one minute and now I have so much more energy! No more panting and squeaking, but whistling up the stairs with two full shopping bags! In the meantime, I got rid of my medication for my high blood pressure. I now even have lower blood pressure than with the medication! My skin is more beautiful, my hair has more curls than ever and I feel great! And it only gets better! Dear Asya, thank you so much for this opportunity and for your dedicated, strict but loving guidance! My goal is to lose at least 66 pounds this year. I will certainly succeed! More energy was actually my biggest goal and I have certainly achieved that already! I will continue with this way of eating, swimming, walking and relaxing! Greetings from a happy Anne.

44 pounds lost and bursting with energy!Lovely people! Here again an update from an increasingly happy Anne!The counter now stands at 44 pounds and that feels great! The energy that I experience every day is really unstoppable. All daily tasks such as my work, swimming and walking ... nothing is too much anymore. Until the end of January the bank was my greatest friend! Before and after my work I spent most of the day there. Now the bank can be happy with an hour and then at the very end of the day! In addition to Asya's online program that I follow, I have now been busy for 7 weeks with 1 smoothie day a week on Asya’s advice! I drink six smoothies of fruit and leafy vegetables, such as spinach, on one day and that gives an extra energy boost! And losing weight is even faster! I feel so good in my skin that even after a long time I am completely in love again! So far ... the first 44 pounds off! To be continued!Greetings, Anne

I’ve lost 73 pounds and I am literally never tired again!Lovely people! I am so happy every day that 7 months ago I became the prize winner of Asya's personal coaching program and her online program!!! My life has changed completely. My biggest wish was to regain energy and of course to lose a lot of pounds. The energy that I have recovered, thanks to the healthy diet and combinations according to Asya's method, keeps on rising! I am literally never tired again and for the first time in 20 years I can work full working days again! And even have a new job! I feel great, swim for an hour every day, and nooooo ... not tired afterwards!! Hahaha ... and I am happy with my new love! I weighed again yesterday ... and ... I have lost 73 pounds so far! My first goal was 66 kilos, so I already achieved that. My final goal is 88 pounds. I will certainly get that ... and who knows ... more! I feel grateful, Asya is always in the background for questions and motivation, and solutions!! So far, these are my results.Much love Anne



"I lost over 77 pounds and feel great!"

"My husband and I have been doing Asya's method since July. We feel great and much fitter. I lost 44 pounds in the first 15 weeks (and now over 77 pounds) and my husband 22 pounds. I was really fond of candy and now I can easily stay away from cookies and candies and all snacks. I am stepping every day and doing abdominal exercises and of course I ensure that I have enough relaxation. It is very easy to sustain. I feel so proud of myself and I have never had that feeling before. And I am amazed by the compliments I receive. That is why I get so much power that I can keep up well. The combinations of what I eat are ideal and I now also feel like trying out things to make. At first, I still felt the need for a glass of soda on Saturday night and at first, I thought it was delicious, but now I don't want that at all anymore, much too sweet. So now I drink pure thickened juice with mineral water. Many people asked how I lost so much weight, and I praised Asya’s method. I am so glad that I have now found something that I am very positive about and that I can maintain after so many diets. So in short, I feel great."



"Before, I could barely complete my work; Now I am bursting with energy!"

"I have an autoimmune disease that causes me all kinds of ailments and especially a lack of energy. I should actually say 'I had', because I have been using Asya's method for almost 11 months now and I am bursting with energy! Previously I was barely able to complete my work and now I study alongside my work with great enthusiasm! In addition, I have lost the 33 pounds that I had gained through the medication. In February, the specialist found that in addition to the effect of the drugs, something else has happened in my body: the thyroid hormone is absorbed better. This must be the result of Asya's method. The result: the dosage of the medication was reduced. In 2 months, I have to take blood tests again and 3 months later check again. I hope I can continue without the medication. I am very grateful that with Asya's method I can increase my chances of a healthier and longer life and I hope that my story will inspire other people. Thank you Asya! Kind regards,Tineke Pouw"



"I lost 40 pounds and my liver numbers were very good after half a year!"

"Tomorrow it will be a year since I saw Asya's book at my gym. At that time, I had problems with my liver (presumably caused by medication and a few glasses of wine every day). My liver values ​​were much too high and despite all the measures I had already taken (no medication and no alcohol) they hardly fell.  The book looked inspiring and I ordered it immediately. The next day I started reading it and I didn't stop until I finished it. Everything described in it sounded so logical to me. My attitude changed immediately. I also bought her cookbook and I followed all advice from Asya. I was already used to training hard three times a week at the gym and I saw that as relaxation, but I discovered that I had to do more or that I should not do some things to relax. For example, I have now become a loyal visitor to the sauna and I regularly lie in the bath that had not been used for four years. I do a cardio training twice a week with a personal trainer and in the spring, I started running a few times a week. My liver values ​​were much lower within three months and after six months everything was completely okay. My weight has also decreased drastically, I am now 44 pounds lighter. From size 46 to 40. I feel fit and younger than a few years ago. Like many, over the years, I have now been 53, I have tried many diets. Each time I lost a lot of kilos and after a while all the kilos came back. I'm sure that won't happen this time. I will continue to do this way of life and food. It also doesn't feel like a diet at all! I enjoy what I eat, I eat tasty, healthy and actually quite a lot without gaining weight! For a year, this inspirational quote I read in Asya's book has been on my whiteboard: I eat to live! (not: I live to eat). This quote has been an eye opener for me. In this way I want to thank Asya for her beautiful books and the insights she has given me!"



"I got to hear from my doctor that my blood pressure and blood sugar levels are completely good again!"

"In the past six months my blood pressure was very high, with the lower number (diastolic pressure) of around 110. The doctor found I was prediabetic. He told me that something had to be done and he actually wanted me to get the medication. This didn't feel right to me. At that time, I heard about Asya's method on the radio. That appealed to me and I decided to go for it.  I have been doing the method for a few months now and I have lost about 18 pounds, but that was a nice bonus. The most important thing was that yesterday I was told that my blood pressure and blood sugar are all right again. This was also a big surprise for the doctor and I immediately mentioned the cause that led to these great results. So, I continue to do this, because it feels very good and because of this I have more energy for my busy job. Kind regards,Martin Dijkstra"